Three Key Success Factors in Engaging with RANA

The RANA Process Intervention Methodology

The RANA process Intervention Methodology is the starting point for all RANA client engagements. It is the cornerstone of the vast amount of research undertaken by RANA in the area of Process Design and Process Improvement. The methodology is a simple and clear set of steps for identifying the nature of the issues facing our clients and provides a clear roadmap for the most appropriate techniques to apply in every situation

RANA’s Breadth of Knowledge and Past Experience

RANA has extensive experience and knowledge in specific process intensive areas such as Business Planning, Safety Management Systems, Enterprise Risk Management and other such areas, where specialized process expertise is necessary for the benefit of our clients.

RANA’s Relationship Management

RANA responds quickly to the need for clients suffering from organizational pain. We stay in touch with clients to help them along the way. Trust in veteran RANA Affiliates creates a bond with clients both at the professional and personal levels. RANA gravitates naturally to clients who share similar levels of professionalism and share similar values and standards of work.

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