RANA’s Research and Development Services

RANA’s R&D Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management practices and processes and into the new territory of the unique needs of client organizations.


To provide expert resources to research and develop management practices and processes for a client organization, including the development of new learning manuals.


RANA is constantly designing and developing innovative processes for the general market place, but we also custom research and design processes and practices for the specific needs of highly unique client organizations.

How It Works


  • Scopes the need of the client organization for the specific process or practice and researches and develops a customized approach
  • Integrates the emerging approach to existing processes and practices to ensure the most appropriate fit
  • Transfers the technology of the new approach by ensuring that users acquire the Knowledge, Skills and Motivation to use it appropriately


  • Provides the organization with expert Research & Development resources for a specific purpose
  • Validates the need for a new approach or process
  • Ensures focus on the change needed
  • Ensures commitment of stakeholders to the needed change
  • Ensures that the emerging approach is integrated to ongoing management
  • Ensures that users know how to implement the new approach
  • Saves the organization time, energy and money