RANA’s Process Management Services

RANA’s Intervention Management Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management practices and processes.


To provide expert resources to manage intervention projects within a client organization.


Many organizations have changes that they wish to make but don’t have the person power to manage them through to the desired result. RANA consultants work in the client organization to manage projects aimed at changing any aspect of its operation, from large scale culture change, to a change in the way projects are being carried out.

How It Works


  • Fields experts who provide the organization with the project management expertise needed to run large complex change projects
  • Scopes out the change, establishes functionality, identifies the needs for stakeholder consultation and documentation and establishes the internal or external team needed to support the effort
  • Manages the project through its life cycle, reports on functionality, and evaluates the results


  • Provides the organization with expert resources for a specific purpose
  • Validates the need prior to starting work
  • Ensures focus on the change needed
  • Ensures commitment of stakeholders to the needed change
  • Ensures ongoing management of the project
  • Aligns the result of the project to the organization’s business strategy
  • Saves the organization time, energy and money