RANA’s Learning Services

RANA’s Learning Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management practices and processes.


To provide learning to client organizations in how to roll out management processes and practices.


RANA is an expert in learning strategies. Our Learning Events are focused on the acquisition of Skills, preceded with Knowledge and followed by Motivation. The Knowledge, Skills, Motivation continuum is what provides the client organization with an exact linkage between need and solution.

How It Works


  • Helps the client organization validate the learning need and ensures that more effective and timely solutions are not indicated
  • Selects or designs the most appropriate learning intervention to meet the need in the most expeditious way, including one-on-one, computer based learning, web-based learning, classroom time, etc.
  • Ensures short, mid and long term evaluation of the effects of the learning in the workplace and establishes an accurate cost benefit of training and development programs


  • Moves the organization away from unfocussed training and development
  • Customizes all learning to the specific need of the organization
  • Varies the media for learning to suit the nature of the operation
  • Ensures a tight relationship between the cost of learning and its benefits
  • Makes learning integral to the organization and part of its strategy
  • Focuses on the skills needed to do the job
  • Saves the organization time, energy and money