RANA’s Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling Services


To provide expert mentoring, coaching and counseling for the manager or executive who needs to be guided through the process requirements of the job.


Knowing what to do is hard enough. Knowing how to do it and being able to carry it out is a whole different matter. RANA’s Coaching Services provide the manager with expert guidance on the basis, flow and execution of a broad base of processes, from Change Management, to Strategic Planning, to Project Management, to Risk Management, to Safety Management Systems.

How It Works


  • Walks the manager through through any number of two-hour work sessions during which the manager describes the need and coach and client establish the framework for the process to be rolled out
  • Helps the manager sequence the steps needed to implement the process
  • Troubleshoots the pitfalls of the process, and ensures that adequate and accurate contingencies are built in


  • Provides the individual manager with the just in time advice needed
  • Customizes a process from an existing inventory of processes
  • Allows time for consultation with others
  • Highlights those areas where special attention is needed
  • Focuses on the decision making authority of the manager involved
  • Ensures that the manager is comfortable with the action to be undertaken
  • Saves the manager’s time and energy

RANA’s Coaching Services and Products

RANA’s Coaching Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management processes.