RANA’s Facilitation Services

RANA’s Facilitation Services and Products range across the entire inventory of management practices and processes.


To provide expert process leadership to client organizations in both simple and highly complex situations.


RANA is an expert in facilitation, and has the largest number of Certified Professional facilitators per capita. Our facilitated work sessions are focused on the result the organization needs to get with the commitment of the participants who need to achieve it. We focus on the process, techniques and logistics needed to ensure an accurate and complete solution, arrived at by the work team and aligned to the needs of the organization.

How It Works


  • Fields expert facilitators for small and large work team gatherings, selects and gets commitment to process, techniques and logistics (e.g. web based facilitation), and facilitates the work team(s) towards the result
  • Ensures that the results of the work session integrate into the broader scheme of things
  • Evaluates the effects of the facilitated session in the workplace, and identifies the cost benefit of the work done by a given team


  • Provides the organization with the means to get things done quickly
  • Ensures high quality team processing of information
  • Focuses the team’s attention on the issue, problem, decision or plan at hand
  • Varies the media for facilitation to suit the nature of the operation
  • Links the cost of the work session to its benefits
  • Makes facilitation integral to the organization and part of its strategy
  • Saves the organization time, energy and money