About Results

RANA is in the results business. We deal with any human activity that can be reduced to a series of steps leading to a result, even though there may be a great deal of thinking and positioning that needs to take place in and around each step. RANA's products and services are expressed in processes set up as recipe cards, whether they are in strategy formulation or managing complex projects.

Services For the Individual

RANA helps the client individual achieve goals through…

  • Coaching – where the RANA process coach works with the person to increase knowledge, skills and motivation;
  • Mentoring – where the RANA process mentor works with the person on the effectiveness of the role that they are playing in life and at work, and;
  • Counseling – where the RANA process counselor helps the person develop the processes aimed at achieving a greater capacity for change.

Services For the Organization

RANA helps the client organization intervene to achieve its strategic objectives through…

  • Learning – where RANA conducts training and development sessions aimed at transferring knowledge, skills and motivation to a team of people;
  • Facilitation – where RANA conducts work sessions aimed at leading a team to the result its members wish to achieve;
  • Process Consultation – where RANA provides, designs or develops a process framework for achieving organizational change;
  • Process Management – where RANA manages or leads change projects on behalf of the client organization;
  • Research and Development – where RANA designs and develops process options, including learning programs for client organizations.