Cameron Fraser

Cameron Fraser facilitates group work in the short term, and acts as a Process Consultant on longer term Organization Development and Change Management efforts focused on corporate culture.

For Cameron it’s about results. By providing clear and proven thinking tools, incorporating both the intuitive and rational, he has improved the quality of decision making in organizations. He works with the processes surrounding decisions; sorting issues, determining causes of problems, and the planning, both strategic and operational, necessary to implement well made decisions.

In addition to delivering process consulting services Cameron designs, develops, and delivers training to help ensure the sustainability of results beyond his involvement.

Cameron approaches this work based on the belief that all organizations have the knowledge and skills required for success, but often have difficulties (often driven by operational pressures) accessing, assembling, and understanding all of their capacity.

He also works in a range of organizations, including government, manufacturing, mining, and health care. In addition to a full range of facilitated services he has a particular focus on Risk Assessment and Risk Based Decision Making, with experience in the aerospace industry and with regulators. Regardless of industry, examining risk means working in grey areas. There is not a single correct answer to any given situation. No decision around risk (perhaps no decision of any kind) is completely objective. Cameron specializes in facilitating processes that help groups be as objective, and effective, as possible.