About RANA

RANA's Mission

RANA helps its clients develop their organizations and meet new challenges through innovative human and technological processes delivered by an international network of professionals.

RANA's Background

RANA has been a federally incorporated 100% Canadian owned company and founded by Paul H. J. Cormier and Roger E. Nopper. It has international affiliations, offering integrated organizational and management development services in Canada and abroad. We are a matrix organization of principals and affiliated consultants, all of whom with extensive experience as process consultants and organization development experts in the government, industry, and NGO sectors. The majority of RANA are Certified Professional Facilitators accredited by the International Association of Facilitators. They are well-versed in all aspects of developing an organization's management and delivery processes.

RANA: What's in a Name?

RANA Development Inc. is whimsically named after the little amphibian called the frog (“rana” in Latin). A frog is suitably symbolic of RANA’s primary product of organizational development because just as organizations go through many stages of development before reaching their full capabilities, so do frogs as they transform from egg, to tadpole and eventually a mature frog. Frogs are one of the key indicators of a healthy land and fresh water environment. Likewise, RANA delivers the processes needed for organizations to reach their potential in health and productivity.

RANA’s Reputation

RANA’s success and reputation stem from...

  • Understanding the unique context of its clients and responding specifically to their needs
  • Grasping the issues that are likely to arise in complex projects
  • Using an Integrated Project Management approach to guide client projects
  • Committing to effective relationships as the cornerstone of RANA’s success
  • Developing simple, powerful and accessible processes and approaches
  • Involving the client at every step of the process to ensure ownership of results
  • Fielding experienced and dedicated consultants
  • Committing to the practices of quality management and continuous improvement

More About RANA

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