Who is RANA?

RANA Development is in the business of helping client organizations change. We do this through our focus on Process Management to achieve organization development. We always are looking for a measurable result for our clients in terms of the transformation needed to make them more successful. So, we will intervene with the client: we coach, mentor and counsel, we provide learning workshops, we facilitate work sessions, we manage transformation projects and we will research new processes that the client needs to function better. RANA operates with the values of exclusive, transparent and accountable consulting and we measure our impact by our client’s success.

RANA: The Process Consultant

When we talk about process, we mean that RANA focuses how people do things inside the organization. We have spent years in researching processes; we have learned from the major thinkers and writers in process management across the world. We are able to bring to our clients a fully structured set of steps leading to more predictable and manageable results. Every RANA client learns how to integrate and troubleshoot its processes. This builds a culture of energy and achievement among the people of the organization.

Universal Processes

Universal processes help deal with Issues, Problems, Decisions and Plans act as the fundamental building blocks of how to do things inside an organization.

Derived Processes

Derived processes, such as Needs Analysis and Communications Planning are based on combining the Universal Processes and form the bread and butter “to dos” of everyday activity for the people of the organization.

Aggregate Processes

Aggregate processes such as Strategic Planning, Financial Planning and Project Management combine any number of Universal and Derived processes into a pattern that help the leaders of the organization to manage overall.

RANA is pleased to offer you its Process Intervention products and
services in Spanish. Click Here to access the website of RANA
International (South America) Inc. Our colleague Roberto Martinez
Montaner will be pleased to assist you.